About us

About us – Electro mechanical in Dubai, Abu dhabi and UAE.
Established in 2008 - now ADVANCED UNITED and ADVANCED PRO has managed to meet and exceed market demands through professionalism and hard work for over 11 years of existence. It also succeeded in maintaining a secure and sustainable growth which in result, making ADVANCED UNITED and ADVANCED PRO as a Market Leader in its chosen field.
It is the tough challenges and unpredictable demands that develop gradually on our ever-evolving market whose made risk-takers to call it an end. Thus, only a few managed to grow, thrive and succeed in reaching the demands of our ever-changing market.
From humble beginnings to a diversified entity, ADVANCED UNITED and ADVANCED PRO and the people behind its accomplishment will continue to provide complete and total solutions to the needs of all market sector in the fields of electrical, power distribution, support technology, power, plumbing and mechanical works (AC & Fire Fighting).
ADVANCED UNITED and ADVANCED PRO is a dependable and professional company ensuring every project is completed on time and fully attained its customer’s satisfaction. The company has enjoyed rapid growth in the past years and the success can be measured by the excellence of the projects completed and percentage of repeated orders from their esteemed Clients. The expertise of the company can be based also from the diverse range of projects handled, from Luxury Villas to High-Rise Towers to Downtown Mall, and schools. Each one is a great testimony of our good relationship with our clients that goes beyond; not just by being a merely supplier but their partners in vision too.


Business is a delicate entity to be treated using wisdom and common sense. Our business methodology is to create a unique business partnership with each client. Within ADVANCED PRO, we ensure our vision is not only restrictively shared by the management, but by each irreplaceable members.


Our mission is to execute the MEP system to the highest standard utilizing our knowledge of the related regulations applied in UAE and clear communications method with the consultant and liaising with the contractor’s project management team. 
We are flexible, open minded and forward thinking. We always seek better ways of working and are always receptive to change. We strive to be an outstanding MEP Systems Provider and to stick out by virtue of our knowledgeable and practical approach.

The Management

Mr. Bassam Belal Saed
Mr. Ali Majeed Al Taee
ADVANCED UNITED AND ADVANCED PRO will keep on developing the relationships with our customers and people we are involved with, to get better understanding of what they value. Our impetus is to provide services which exceed our customer’s expectations. While providing such services, we make sure that the triple constraints i.e. Scope, Time, Cost and Overall Quality must not be compromised so that the overall project goals can be achieved.